In Fitness And In Health

Exercise is good in fitness and in health:

In fitness and in health

In fitness and in health:

Exercises are of many types and for many purposes. It has many benefits.  Some of them are it helps you in weight management, Reduces your health risk, improves your abilities to do daily activities and prevents from falls. Doing exercise can strengthen your bones and muscles. Now we discuss about some benefits of exercise in fitness and in health below..

Doing exercise is good for your brain:

When you regularly do exercise then you feel less depression. Nowadays exercise is the best way to prevent the onset of  Alzheimer’s disease, which is a major fear for many Americans. Exercise helps in improving blood flow to the brain. It also helps on improving feeding the growth of new blood vessels and even new brain cells. It also helps in better memory and quicker learning. It makes you feel fresh and healthy.

Doing exercise makes you age slower:

As people get older and then their cells divide over and over again. Doing exercise can lengthen your lifespan as much as by five years. Exercises may slow downs the aging of cells. Exercise makes a powerful impact on your physical and mental health and slow downs the aging process.

Doing exercise makes your skin look better:

Exercise gives a slight glow to your skin and helps your skin in looking healthier because when you workout, it will increase the blood flow. Your sweat session makes your skin cells act like that they are younger. Workout makes you sweat a lot and it removes all the dirt and impurities from your body and from your skin also.

Doing exercise helps you in recover from illness:

Exercise can protects your body against illness and infection. It increases the heart rate and stimulates circulation and it helps your body release fluids. Exercise provides a speedy recovery from injuries and it is very good for those patients who may be recovering from injury. It also helps you in recovering from a surgery.

Doing exercise makes you get happier:

Exercise includes cycling and waking which makes you feel better and relieves you from depression. When we do exercise then body releases chemicals that boost your sense of well-being. It also suppress hormones that causes  stress. By doing small amount of exercise could give you a bigger effect of happiness. You get happier when you are reaching your goal of loosing weight or gaining weight or whatever your goal is. It gives you a lot of happiness when you complete your goal.

Doing exercise helps you in gaining weight:

For gaining weight you need lean muscle mass which you take by building your muscles with exercise or by weightlifting. But it’s not a short time activity it will take long time for gaining weight naturally by exercise. It will take at least one or two months to add lean muscles mass to your body weight. For gaining weight you have to set your goal and have to do a regular exercise with a proper diet plan.

Doing exercise helps you in fitness and in health:-

Exercise keeps you fit and healthy and the reasons are mentioned below in the conclusion:


Exercise helps you in weight loss, recovers you from many diseases, it strengthen your bones and muscles and also improves your ability to do many activities in your daily life. Apart from that it also helps you in gaining weight also. But only exercise is not as much beneficial for you without a proper diet. You also need to take proper diet with exercise if you follow it in your daily life then you always stay healthy and away from diseases.

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